Weight Humiliation

Body Competition – Layla Moore & Dakota Charms WMV

With Layla Moore & Dakota Charms!I can’t believe they let her in the bikini contest because she’s fat and pregnant. Comparing her big ass and my bubble butt, she concedes I may win. Pointing toes, we extend our legs and compare feet. Hers are huge and swollen! Heel to heel, my toes are tiny compared to hers!My flat tummy is firm compared to her fat belly. Her fat fingers poke my belly button and I hate it. She thinks I’m rude, but I don’t want to get bruised before our bikini competition.Standing, I make fun of her cellulite, but she makes fun of my small tits. The humiliating slurs go back and forth and it get nasty as I make fun of her eyeglasses. She waves it off with her flabby arms and shows off her tan versus my porcelain skin.Layla’s hungry but can barely get her fass ass up to get food!OTHER KEYWORDS- weight humiliation, brunettes, BBW Goddess, size comparison, fat shaming, YOU MAY ALSO ENJOY -Your FAT We are over Fat Hog Makes Me Horny – Dakota Charms@DakotaCharms