Height Humiliation

Date Towers Over You (MP4)

Aren’t you a little… short? For your age? I mean, this is supposed to be a date, right? And you are supposed to be… how old again? Now I wonder. You’re so SMALL. Are you even tall enough to go on a ride at a theme park? Can you ride in the front seat of a car? I have to question that, hm. I don’t think I can go out with you. This is… uncomfortable. You are just in the wrong place… infinitely, apparently. God! But aren’t you tiny. Let me see your license. I don’t believe it… Oh… Jeez… You really are! I’m shocked. You’re height is not correct in your profile though. It wasn’t at all this. Acting like it was an error on the dating app? Ha! Come on! Look at me standing next to you. Aren’t you intimidated? I can sit on you. I feel almost like a big sister. I want to sit on you or step on you or fart in your face. You’re at such a disadvantage. What else do I do with you when you’re that small? I got all dolled up for this. I can rest my arms on your head! Ha!