Girls Night Out or In – Jasmin Jai & Angel Lee WMV

Angel Lee waits for Jasmin Jai to arrive and gets ready by brushing her hair and putting on her high heel mules. She chuckles and is oblivious as laughing gas fills the air.Rolling on the sofa, she convulses in laughter.Jasmin arrives and is confused at Angel’s belly laugh. Slowly, she starts giggling and then rolls on the floor as they guffaw, cry and hold their bellies.Later they can’t figure out why they were in hysterics, but are exhausted and decide to stay in for the night. Jasmin takes a nap on the sofa while Angel goes to bed.@AngelLeeCustomsYOU MAY ALSO ENJOY-Angel Lee’s Hilarious BirthdayLaughing Gas – Angel Lee This was a custom and if you would like your own, please email me at AngelLeeCustoms at y a h o o d ot com