Forced Orgasms

Neighborhood Snatch WMV

Hannah Perez is a detective going door to door in a search of an escaped sex slaver as part of a neighborhood watch program. She comes across a house where Cadence Lux lives. Cadence answers the door. Without realizing it, the slaver waits behind Cadence with a knife to her back. He appears and orders Detective Perez inside. Both ladies are forced to strip to their panties. Sometime later they are strung up with arms bound overhead. The slaver cuts off each woman’s panties, stuffing their mouths with them and applying tape for added security. He gropes, fondles and spanks them before leaving them to struggle for a while. He returns later with a couple of vibrators which he secures to Hannah’s and Cadence’s thighs. They are left in orgasmic torment while he moves on to ransack the house. Later, the slaver returns with Cadence’s hamper and replaces each woman’s panty gag with one of Cadence’s dirty thongs, then seals again with tape. He ties the vibrators on with crotch rope this time and leaves them to struggle against the binds while trying to resist orgasm. Worn down and desperate for relief, Hannah and Cadence await the slaver’s next move. He comes back and advises them of their impending sale to an old connection of his. They are horrified. Not quite done with them yet, the slaver binds them at the wrists and elbows. He replaces their gags with another pair of dirty panties and leads them off naked dreading their fate. Custom 2018