Nikki Brooks Laughs As She Tells Whole Office Fart Jokes (HD 1080p MP4)

Nikki Brooks is on the computer, and she is so bored. She talks about how her boss just tries to keep them busy with endless paperwork. Nikki laughs and thinks about changing the word “and” on the report to the word “fart”. Nikki laughs as she types it out, saying “fart” in place of every “and”. Nikki can barely contain herself as she tells her whole office fart jokes. Nikki even makes a pee joke, and laughs about it with her office. Nikki laughs obnoxiously, snorting and telling her entire office fart jokes, over and over. She even makes fun of her boss… calling him an “Old fart”. A note lands on Nikki’s desk – and Nikki is fired! (Custom Clip. Interested in commissioning a custom clip with Nikki? Email us today.)