Sexual Rejection

The ugliest dick I’ve ever seen 720

1080 Format. You asked for an honest cock rating, time to show Goddess.  Seriously?  WTF is that?!  No, I can’t judge a dick like this by pictures alone, it looks photo shopped…pull it out.  You hesitate but crave my opinion and humiliation.  That right there is the GROSSEST dick I’ve ever seen!! Do you understand what that means?  In 9 years as a sex worker, seeing tens maybe hundreds of thousands of cocks in pictures, videos, and person and this is the nastiest one yet!  I’m not just saying that to embarrass you, it’s the truth.  Not the smallest I’ll admit, your size is only part of the problem.  It’s just so ugly, how could any woman be aroused by your freakish deformed shape.  It looks like it’s diseased, like it smells, like fucking it would make your pussy rot.  I snap a few pictures, my friends won’t believe how ugly your cock is.  I could probably make good money sending these to plastic surgeons, they could use this as a BEFORE photo haha!  Thanks for making me lose my appetite, at least I’ll hopefully never see an uglier penis in my entire life.